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PE-flipmach 3m

Flipmachine 3m US1300

900,00 € (Alv. 0 %)

1116.00 (Alv. 24 %)

Pituus:300 cm

Leveys:150 cm

Korkeus:33 cm

Kohderyhmä: Lapset, nuoret ja aikuiset.


The FlipMachine is made of the same material as Air-Track +.

The FlipMachine is narrower and shorter than Air-Track +, making it ideal for gymnasts to practice different jumps.
The FlipMachine has velcro at the ends, and thus can be connected to f.x. landing mats or Air-Track +


Catch some serious AIR!

With the FlipMachine you are able to learn skills easier with only 3 simple steps!

  • Introduce the skill.
  • Practice and perfect.
  • Transition to a level surface

Why use a FlipMachine?

  • Build the skill by using step by step drills!
  • Keep athletes busy! Can be used from all four sides at once.
  • Build confidence in the athletes!
  • The fast bounce is more realistic for transitioning.
  • Inflates/deflates in less than 1 minute!
  • Lightweight and portable!
  • Save the coaches back with reduces spotting!
  • Help prevent overuse injuries to ankles, shins and knees!